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US to consider closing Halliburton loophole

Mark Miller, CEO of Cuadrilla (who are drilling near Blackpool) would have us believe that there is no risk of ground water being polluted, because there are no confirmed reports from the EPA – but if companies are not required … Continue reading

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Photos 26 March, Pont Valentre CAHORS

You can see my photos from yesterdays protest on Pont Valentre Cahors here:-

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BBC Radio 4 Today report on fracking

Here is my summary of what Roger Harribin, BBC environmental analyst, reported from the site of shale gas drilling near Blackpool. Mark Miller (Cuadrilla) says in response to concerns over water pollution –  “it won’t happen over here” – “bulletproof” … Continue reading

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French government facing an outcry over Shale Gas

PARIS -(Dow Jones)- Shale gas drilling in France won’t be permitted until a complete assessment of potential environmental damage is carried out, French Environment Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said Wednesday (23rd March 2011). Speaking in parliament, the minister said people living … Continue reading

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Local Action – Quercy Blanc, Montcuq prepare for March 26th

After the showing of Gasland  got people fired up on the issue, we have been asking – what next? What action can we take? The idea of a peaceful and colorful protest next Saturday, March 26 at 15h00 on the … Continue reading

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The Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction

Here’s a good overview of possible environmental damage that can accompany shale gas fracking:- The Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction By John Stolz, PhD – Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education, Duquesne University. If you have time, read … Continue reading

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Shale Gas backed by UK Energy minister

Following on from the Telegraph’s article this morning, it seems the real news is that UK ENERGY minister Charles Hendry has given his backing to controversial shale gas production on the coast near Blackpool. The MP visited one of Cuadrilla … Continue reading

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The sound of silence

No comment? I am perplexed by the lack of robust arguments emanating from the natural gas industry; I would be expecting them to counter the claims  of environmental activists and calm the concerns of worried residents living near to existing … Continue reading

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“There’s got to be a better way..”

A family are moving from their home in the Rocky mountains, in order to live where they will no longer be afraid to breathe…. Watch this NY Times report on Natural Gas and Polluted Air This cannot be allowed to … Continue reading

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Environmental constraints putting the brakes on Shale Gas

I’ve just been reading Note of Analysis 215 published by Centre d’Analyse Stratégique “Unconventional Gas: a North American energy revolution not without consequences for Europe (March 2011).” This organisation  provides expert analysis to the Prime Minister to help in decision … Continue reading

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