Act now! Write to the Senate

The Anti Gaz et Huile de Schiste collectif have drafted a letter to be sent to your representative at the Senate before the continued reading of the proposed law and amendments.

Maybe it is not too late to influence the outcome

See the Schiste Happens blog entry You Have Only 4 Days to Act Do It Now! for a summary in English of the letter and instructions on what to do

Please see here for the letter and a list of senators.

Say NO to Shale Gas: NON au gaz de schiste


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5 Responses to Act now! Write to the Senate

  1. sydney jacobs says:

    Evidence is now overwhewlming that fracking destroys the environment and consititutes a major health risk by severe contamination of artesian water

    • bpberry says:

      Unfortunately all the evidence is ignored or disputed by those who have vested interests, so it requires strong arguments across the board to convince politicians to act in the best interest of our long term health, to preserve the beauty of our planet and to protect our environment.

  2. sydney jacobs says:

    The authorities must not allow gas fracking to occur. The side effects resulting from water contamination from this strategy are catastrophic!

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