Meetings and Events

I don’t propose to duplicate information that is easily accessible elsewere.

Please see  Schiste Happens (the English language site about Gas Fracking in France) and Non au gaz de schiste Lot for a full list of local events pertaining to the Cahors permit.


Also the calendar of the Gaz de Schiste France forum for a wider view of what’s happening nationwide.


If you haven’t already done so, do go and see GASLAND, an Oscar-nominated, moving and disturbing documentary about the effects of hydraulic fracturing in the United States.

There are numerous showings planned and there is bound to be an evening in a village or town near you. Make the effort, it will be illuminating.

A date for your diary – SUNDAY 17th APRIL

A PROTEST MARCH in CAHORS is  planned for SUNDAY 17th APRIL at 15:00,  organised by  the association « NGSPC » (« Non au gaz de schiste permis de Cahors »).  Meeting at the Place du General de Gaulle.

This needs to be BIG, so please pencil it in your diary. We expect there to be people from all the areas affected  by the Cahors permit – Dordogne, Lot, Tarn-et-Garonne and Aveyron.


17 Responses to Meetings and Events

  1. Jane Salomon says:

    Thanks for your informative site.
    Are you interested in more links to articles?
    Example of one of the most well-researched from New York Times.

    Jane Salomon

  2. Gina Hams says:

    Hi Belinda the website address is my blog. I have put as much detail as I can on my blogs and website. Please give me a call if I can help with anything. I know that George Nardell is also very interested. Is it true that Mr Sarkozy will be in Lauzerte on March 17th.???


  3. kate says:

    You must be working so hard to get all this info together for us. Thank you. I only just found out about this about 36hours ago and I’ve been spending ages reading and trying to understand things; for what it’s worth I’ve sent emails to TF3 and Daniel Mermet at France Inter (La Bas si j’y suis). I’ll keep doing as much as poss and keep talking about it to EVERYONE. I’ll definitely be at the manif on the 26th.

  4. John Kidd says:

    while I commend you for your activity I think you are missing the real target which is the imminent failure of oil and gas supplies globally. Searching the global schistes for oil and gas only puts off the grand denouement, plus any oil/gas extracted will be at a high actual cost (and, as you say, environmental cost): you need however to follow the advice of Sun Tzu “only when you know your enemy can you act”. Thus you ought to understand if there is really any gas/oil to be extracted: if ‘yes’ then act to control the exploitation.
    I would like to send to you an extract from a paper I am writing at the moment. Its focus is on the problems facing the globe when there is no oil, and how we might avoid catastrophe for mankind.
    Bye – John

    • bpberry says:

      Hi John, I tried to email you, but it bounced. I think you may be the purveyor of an alternative energy system, is that right?

      I realize that all fossil fuels are finite and that as oil production is already past its peak the companies are engaged in a dash for unconventional gas. That this activity may deflect attention from the investment in and development of renewable and sustainable energy would be a tragedy.

      Do please send me an extract of your paper, I’d be interested in what you have to say.

  5. GH says:

    Have been sent this from GN and quite shocking results in Blackpool.


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