The beat goes on….

Still no firm conclusion to the French ban on the use of hydraulic fracturing, but things are moving in a positive direction.  The commission which was tasked with coming up with the final set of words to be voted on by the Assembly and the Senate have agreed to leave out the use of hydraulic fracturing for experimental purposes, preferring instead to leave it to yet another commission to define the conditions for experimental projects.

Their conclusions will be discussed in the Assembly on June 21 and in the Senate on June 30, prior to the definitive stage of passing into law.

One can hope that this will be a clear lead for other countries to follow.

The news does not bode well for the gas and oil exploration companies – Toreador (a big player in the Paris oil shale basin) has seen its shares tumble on the stock market

But beware, the industry is not going to take this lying down. And the pro-gas lobbyists are not won over by what they consider to be the ’emotional and unscientific’ reasons for wanting a ban on shale gas exploration. See what the other side are saying on the Energy Tribune site.

This is really just the first stage of what will be a long campaign – seems to me that until we have a real solid green alternative to our future energy needs, then this issue (of shale gas exploration) is going to come back again and again. Next time the techniques will be slicker, the pad density smaller, the regulations better thought out, the industry better prepared to win hearts and minds.

Even with enhancements to extraction techniques, it still doesn’t make sense to me. It’s still about greed not need. It’s not what we want.

Say NO to Shale Gas; leave something for the future.


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5 Responses to The beat goes on….

  1. Sylvie says:

    By any chance, would you know someone who would be willing sometimes to translate your posts into French as well as the press releases you select ??… just a question…. I am asking to French groups as well…. International press is key to have a right idea of what is going on in France !…

  2. bpberry says:

    If you can spread the word about this site, there must be some bilingual actvitists who will pick up on my leads and do the equivalent of what I do with the French news. It’s a constant problem for me the other way round! My poor understanding of the finer points in French means that I surely miss some key issues.

  3. Peter Kampman says:

    You will be aware that drilling near to Blackpool has come to a halt after Blackpool experienced 2 small earthquakes!

  4. Gogwatch says:

    Welsh political blog Gogwatch has published an article on fracking in Wales which may be of interest. The link to the article is:

    Rape of the Fair Country II? No fracking way!

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