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It’s a gas…

Well it must be a gas if you are heading up an investment company that is just about to float on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market). 3Legs Resources, the company who have applied for the Cahors permit and another very … Continue reading

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European Shale Gas is still Hot Air

The economic argument may be the strongest ally for the NO campaign. A report in the Wall Street Journal points out that the production costs of gas from shale in Europe will be considerably higher than they are in the … Continue reading

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Panel to set new standards for US gas extraction

In the New York Times of 6th May is a report about the Obama administration forming a panel of experts to form new standards for gas extraction, to find ways to make hydraulic fracturing safer and cleaner. Already the industry … Continue reading

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Can the fracking water be cleaned?

An article in Forbes is looking at ways to clean water that is recovered during fracking, so that it can be safely returned to the water supply. All well and good, but basically it just shows us that at the … Continue reading

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US to consider closing Halliburton loophole

Mark Miller, CEO of Cuadrilla (who are drilling near Blackpool) would have us believe that there is no risk of ground water being polluted, because there are no confirmed reports from the EPA – but if companies are not required … Continue reading

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