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The beat goes on….

Still no firm conclusion to the French ban on the use of hydraulic fracturing, but things are moving in a positive direction.  The commission which was tasked with coming up with the final set of words to be voted on … Continue reading

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It’s a gas…

Well it must be a gas if you are heading up an investment company that is just about to float on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market). 3Legs Resources, the company who have applied for the Cahors permit and another very … Continue reading

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Act now! Write to the Senate

The Anti Gaz et Huile de Schiste collectif have drafted a letter to be sent to your representative at the Senate before the continued reading of the proposed law and amendments. Maybe it is not too late to influence the … Continue reading

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Mayhem in the senate?

My speed reading of French isn’t brilliant, but I gather that there was mayhem in the Senate during the debate about the law to ban hydraulic fracturing, as there were not enough UMP senators there to make a majority, so … Continue reading

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Shaken but not stirred – a Cuadrilla cocktail?

I have had a helpful reply from Brian Baptie at BGS about the Blackpool earthquakes, with a link to their updated analysis They have indeed placed instruments closer to the Preese Hall site since April 1st, and the conclusion is … Continue reading

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New York sues to force an assessment of environmental risks

The New York Times reports that The New York State attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Tuesday to force an assessment of the environmental risks posed by drilling for natural gas in the Delaware … Continue reading

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European Shale Gas is still Hot Air

The economic argument may be the strongest ally for the NO campaign. A report in the Wall Street Journal points out that the production costs of gas from shale in Europe will be considerably higher than they are in the … Continue reading

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