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Total investing in solar power

Can they see the writing on the wall? Total is buying in to solar energy with purchase of 60% of US solar panel manufacturer SunPower – let’s hope that their investment will bring renewables back into focus as the way … Continue reading

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Why say NO?

I’m working on a list of reasons…. Please let me know if there are more that I should add. Meanwhile, let’s have some fun here, tell me how many of these points you agree with.

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Schiste Happens…

Have just realised why the terminlogy has been changed to “hydrocarbures de roche-mère”….. Do watch this short clip of Fillon trying to say schiste…. Say NO to Shale Gas … it’s easier than saying non au gaz de shit (Hey, … Continue reading

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Carbon Capture and Storage – a magic bullet for the bullet-proof?

I said I would come back to my concern about Carbon Capture and Storage. I have this nagging worry that it is being seen (by the pro-fossil fuel gang and their puppets) as a magic bullet, that they think it … Continue reading

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Change in language but not intent…

The preliminary report into the environmental impact of Shale Gas in France has been released. The 50 page report has introduced some new terminology. No longer are we talking about gaz de schiste or huile de schiste but Les hydrocarbures … Continue reading

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Shale Gas special report in the Guardian. VOTE on their poll.

Lots of interesting food for thought here as the Guardian covers the issue of Shale Gas with a number of articles. Urgent: Please vote in their poll on whether Shale Gas is a green alternative. This is only open … Continue reading

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Equipment failure leads to fracking fluid spill

The gas industry is trying to make out that what they do these days is pretty well ‘bullet proof’ and that those of us who cite the risks to water pollution are over stating the case. But these problems are … Continue reading

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United in protest

Cahors, 17 April 2011. All walks of life, all ages, all nationalities – all together – against shale gas. Think of the children. It is they who will inherit the outcome of our decisions and the action of the gas … Continue reading

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Millions of gallons of hazardous chemicals injected into wells

According to a report released on Saturday by Congressional Demcorat following an inquiry into hydraulic fracturing, oil and gas companies injected hundreds of millions of gallons of hazardous or carcinogenic chemicals into wells in more than 13 states from 2005 … Continue reading

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Where is the preliminary environmental report?

I’m trying to figure out if the parliamentary report mentioned on Wednesday by Senator Jacques Blanc (see the Wall Street Journal item “French Report backs Shale Gas” IS the preliminary environmental report that we have been waiting for. Seems not. … Continue reading

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