Permis de Cahors

This is the map from the official publication which records the application for a permit.

PLEASE NOTE: exploration can take place anywhere within this defined area – which is huge, over 5700 sq.kms, covering most of the Lot and parts of Tarn-et-Garonne and the Dordogne. At this point, we have no idea where exactly they plan to drill first, although  Puy-leveque and Luzech were mentioned at the meeting in Montcuq, I have not had any confirmation of this.

Also, please bear in mind, that even if you live outside of the area of demarcation, water and air do not respect these boundaries and pollution is free to travel under or over the ground, so potentially an even greater area would be affected. That’s not to mention the impact on the roads of hundreds of heavy trucks that may be trundling past you.

At this time, the permit for this area has not yet been approved.

Interestingly, this Cahors permit, and the other one applied for by 3Legs Oil & Gas (aka 3Legs Resources and Lane Energy), called the Valence permit, cover MUCH larger areas than most other onshore permits or applications.

And here is the view of the whole of France, as of Jan 2011. The grey areas are for new applications.

You can download this map from


2 Responses to Permis de Cahors

  1. Ashley Dow says:

    With regards to the words of Francois Fillon (below)
    We already knew that they were not going to decide until the end of June. They are obviously feeling the weight of public opinion against them and are trying to console us. Until they say that they have cancelled the project it would be madness to let the pressure off them. Please support the demonstration in Cahors on the 26th of March at 15:00 Pont Valentre

    PARIS (Dow Jones)–French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Friday that shale gas drilling in France will be suspended until the government receives two studies it has commissioned on the economic, social and environmental impact of these operations, and which are due in June. People living near the sites targeted by potential drilling projects have expressed legitimate concerns, Fillon said in a letter to several French ministers made available to the press by his office Friday. Authorizations have been delivered for shale gas drilling operations in France but none have started yet, Fillon said. Fillon asked the ministers, in the letter, to take the necessary actions to put all shale gas drilling projects on hold. Several French and foreign companies, including power group GDF Suez SA (GSZ.FR), oil major Total SA (TOT),U.S.-based energy group Schuepbach Energy LLC and U.S.-based Toreador Resources Corp (TRGL), have expressed an interest in developing the shale gas industry in the country, which is still at the stage of early exploration. However, the French government is facing an outcry from environmentalists and opposition from some local authorities. It has already suspended exploration on the country’s potential shale gas fields, near Paris and in the southeast. And it has commissioned a study over the potential environmental impact of the extraction of shale gas. A preliminary report is expected next month and a final report in June. Only then will the government decide on development plans. Meanwhile, the emergence of shale gas is closely watched by French state-controlled nuclear engineering group Areva SA (CEI.FR) and French state-controlled utility giant Electricite de France SA (EDF.FR), as it could dim prospects for the civil nuclear industry.

    • bpberry says:

      I agree. This is to give us a warm and fuzzy feeling. As I mentioned in two months extension to the moratorium here it is well timed to take the heat off before the elections. No time to relax for those of us who care about this issue though!

      We haven’t yet had confirmation from organisers about the 26th March date – I assume that the prefecture has to be notified and gendarmerie etc? Anyway I am holding off on urging people to attend until I know for sure that is when it is going to be.

      Did you see the Global Mag programme on Arte on Friday? They couldn’t get anyone from GDF or Total to be interviewed…. worth watching here

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