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Shaken but not stirred – a Cuadrilla cocktail?

I have had a helpful reply from Brian Baptie at BGS about the Blackpool earthquakes, with a link to their updated analysis They have indeed placed instruments closer to the Preese Hall site since April 1st, and the conclusion is … Continue reading

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Shale Boom slowing down?

The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC) has an interesting viewpoint on shale gas in this weeks ODAC newsletter Plans to revolutionise energy markets through shale gas fracking provoked mixed reactions this week. A study by scientists from Duke University (see … Continue reading

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Alternatives to water usage, such as fracturing with propane

In light of the proposal to ban hydraulic fracturing in France, I have been doing some digging of my own to investigate what the alternatives may be for the gas industry. From the website I came across this useful … Continue reading

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Short-termism has no place in today’s energy debates

The recently published report by the US Energy Information Administration World Shale Gas Resources: An Initial Assessment of 14 Regions Outside the United States indicates that the “technically recoverable” reserves of shale gas in France could amount to as much … Continue reading

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Shale Gas not so clean after all…

A report from Cornell University assesses the Greenhouse Gas footprint of Shale Gas over a 20- and 100-year lifetime. Compared with conventional gas and coal, unconventional (shale) gas releases more methane into the atmosphere – it is estimated that 3.6% … Continue reading

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