Shaken but not stirred – a Cuadrilla cocktail?

I have had a helpful reply from Brian Baptie at BGS about the Blackpool earthquakes, with a link to their updated analysis

They have indeed placed instruments closer to the Preese Hall site since April 1st, and the conclusion is that both events have similar wave forms and are most probably linked to the drilling. With the improved resolution from being close to the site, it is possible to place the epicentre of the most recent earthquake to within 500m of the drilling site and at a depth of 2km (with a margin of error of +/- 1km in either direction). Blackpool is not normally considered to be seismically active.

Fluid injection was taking place between 2 and 3 kms shortly before both incidents.

As reported in the FT blog “Why we all need to know more about fracking” , Tim Yeo admitted that the earthquake threat was not one that was considered in the original report by the energy select committee when they recommended that fracking be supported in the UK.

Perhaps now they will reconsider and look beyond the ££££ signs.

Say NO to Shale Gas: because we don’t want to be papering over the cracks


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One Response to Shaken but not stirred – a Cuadrilla cocktail?

  1. bio1 says:

    It is inexcusable that they do not consider the possibility of earth quakes from injection of fluids at high pressure into tight formations.

    Years ago toxic waste fluids were injected in deep wells near Denver. People were puzzled by swarms of earthquakes that started to be observed in the area. Finally, they got the idea that it might be due to the injection activity. They stopped injecting and soon after the earthquakes stopped. They abandoned high pressure injection as a way to get rid of extremely toxic liquid waste.


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