Well, where are we going then?

While we wait for the outcome of the Senate reading of the proposed law to ban hydraulic fracturing in France, there is time to contemplate…

What IS the future that we want? How ARE we going to produce the energy that we demand?

In the Guardian, George Monbiot points out that the issue of pylons marching across the countryside is probably going to put the brakes on wind power in the UK. Nuclear may have an ongoing future in France, where it is accepted as a fait accompli, but Germany are set to finish with it and the UK are likely to restrict new nuclear plants to exisiting sites.

Fossil fuels have to phased out in order to reduce global warming – or Carbon Capture and Storage has to be proven to be a safe, viable and economic option. In any case, fossil fuels are a finite resource. No matter what happens with shale gas in the next few years, the reality is that by 2111 we will almost certainly have used up all the oil, gas and coal that is viable to extract (littering the planet with toxic waste etc in the process).

Any government with an eye to the future well being of their country, their people and our planet would be wise to put their best thinkers together to work out a strategy here.

This is not a problem that is going to solve itself and it is not a problem that is best addressed by those with a vested interest in any particular solution.

Say NO to Shale Gas: get on your bike and start growing your own vegetables


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3 Responses to Well, where are we going then?

  1. Hello !
    Thank you for your post.
    Some best thinkers have already worked out this for example :
    http://www.arte.tv/fr/3730346.html (in French)…. so clever and so clean !…

    Plus maybe you would like to have a look on this WWF Energy report within 2050 (in English) :
    http://www.association-lecercledegindou.com/le-cercle-de-gindou/les-dossiers-du-cercle/gaz-de-schiste-à-nous-de-choisir/ – at the bottom page

    Looking forward to tomorrow….

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