Urgent please act – 9th May

Thanks to SchisteHappens for this information. Act Today!

The government are starting to backtrack on what said they would do – that is put a stop to gaz de schiste. While this is no great surprise, they must be told that we have noticed and are not happy.

Christian Jacob’s bill to repeal the permits allowing exploration and exploitation of shale gas in France will be debated by the National Assembly this Tuesday and Wednesday (10th and 11th May).

The original bill has been substantially reduced and now gives the permit holders two months to explain which technique they intend to use. This means that if the companies come up with any method other than hydraulic fracturing, they will retain their licenses without further inquiry.

This revised draft of the bill does not do what we were led to believe and opens the door for petroleum companies to retain the permits and begin drilling.

The text of the email tells the assembly members that this is unacceptable.

We do not have much time. Please send your email TODAY and pass it on to your email contacts

It only takes 3 steps – or fewer if you use Word and Outlook -see below.

Do you use MS Word and Outlook?
If you use MS Word and Outlook this link
Lettre Assemblée National re 10 May 2011  will / may / should open as an email. Then all you need to do is add your name and address and press SEND. If it does not work follow the three steps below:

1. Please copy this text to a new email:

Mesdames, Messieurs,
Je vous prie de bien vouloir voter la Proposition de Loi de M. Christian Jacob visant à abroger les permis exclusifs de recherches d’hydrocarbures non conventionnels et à interdire leur exploration et leur exploitation sur le territoire national, déposée le 31 mars 2011 telle qu’elle a été présentée, sans tenir compte des amendements proposés par la Commission du Développement Durable, amendements qui dénaturent et tronquent les textes de la-dite Proposition, ouvrant ainsi la route, sans consultation publique, aux titulaires de permis pour commencer, dans deux mois, l’exploration du gaz de schiste en France.

Your Name and address / nom et adresse

2. Add your name and address where indicated.

3. Then copy and paste these addresses into the To field:


and hit SEND

This will send the email to:

Groupe Union pour un Mouvement Populaire

Groupe socialiste, radical, citoyen et divers gauche
Groupe de la gauche démocrate et républicaine

Groupe du Nouveau Centre

Députés non inscrits

Many thanks from all at Schiste Happens


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